Healthy Moments

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or taking your newborn out in his stroller for the first time, there are many moments throughout the journey that offer opportunities for healthier choices for you and your baby.


Meet Bright City Jackson, Mississippi

Meet Bright City Jackson, Mississippi

Jackson sits on the west bank of the Pearl River, and is replete with magnolias, wisterias and delectable Southern cuisine. Walking downtown affords a view of Mississippi’s “new” Capital building (circa 1903). Over 4,700 decorative bulbs were installed throughout the Beaux-Arts style building, and all lights are illuminated at the start of each legislative session. A few blocks away is Jackson’s Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, where the state’s  legacy in the Civil Rights Movement can be explored.
Meet Bright City Tempe, Arizona

Meet Bright City Tempe, Arizona

Tempe Butte, also known as “A” Mountain, overlooks the bustling streets of Tempe and the home of Arizona State University. Tempe Town Lake lies within the heart of Tempe and provides unparalleled opportunities for water recreation in a dense metro area. Construction is underway for the first modern streetcar line in the Valley stretching through downtown Tempe, with 14 stops each featuring original artwork. Tempe’s streetcar is designed to connect riders to regional destinations and neighborhoods while supporting Tempe’s green transportation goals.
Striking for babies’ brains

Striking for Babies’ Brains

Melting glaciers. Stranded polar bears. New diseases from ticks and mosquitoes. More serious and widespread flooding. There are so many reasons to support the Climate Strike. Here’s one more; the damage that fossil fuels are doing to the developing brain, both before and after birth.


The partner organizations of Healthy Babies Bright Futures share the overall goal of measurably reducing exposures to neurotoxic chemicals in the first thousand days of development. This does not necessarily constitute endorsement of any individual project.