Healthy Moments

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or taking your newborn out in his stroller for the first time, there are many moments throughout the journey that offer opportunities for healthier choices for you and your baby.


Lead in tap water: Is your water safe for making infant formula?

One of every seven homes has lead amounts high enough to erase half an IQ point – or up to several points in some homes – for a baby drinking formula made with tap water.

Do Mercury Dental Fillings in Pregnant Women Impact Their Baby’s Health?

For women who are pregnant (or thinking about getting pregnant), the FDA recently made important recommendations to avoid dental repair that uses amalgams made with mercury.

How Salem MA Launched a “Food Farm” To Provide Thousands of Pounds of Organically Grown Food to Local Families

The Mack Park Food Farm replaced an unused baseball practice area at a city park in Salem, MA, and is a pragmatic model for other cities’ sustainable healthy food initiatives.


The partner organizations of Healthy Babies Bright Futures share the overall goal of measurably reducing exposures to neurotoxic chemicals in the first thousand days of development. This does not necessarily constitute endorsement of any individual project.