Healthy Moments

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant or taking your newborn out in his stroller for the first time, there are many moments throughout the journey that offer opportunities for healthier choices for you and your baby.


Meet Our 8 New Bright Cities

Early this summer, 8 new cities joined our 20 Bright Cities in amplifying the urgency to reduce often everyday exposures that can harm babies' brain development. The eight cities are...

HBBF Statement on Beech-Nut's Rice Cereal Recall: A Step in the Right Direction

The June 8 recall of Beech-Nut’s infant rice cereal represents a positive step towards ensuring the safety of baby foods. Arsenic in the recalled cereal exceeds the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) action level of 100 parts per billion.

‘Best Babies Zone’ Reaches Community Members in Wilkinsburg, PA

The Best Babies Zone helps streamline collaboration of local health providers and community support services and serves as a catalyst for community-wide change.


The partner organizations of Healthy Babies Bright Futures share the overall goal of measurably reducing exposures to neurotoxic chemicals in the first thousand days of development. This does not necessarily constitute endorsement of any individual project.