Data & Research

2021 Report

Another year unlike any other year. Here we are: surrounded by climate, political, and pandemic chaos and ongoing systemic racism, yet still doing our vital work to lower the levels and disproportionate impact from toxic chemicals.

Case Studies

Bright Cities Case Study: Salem, MA

Here are three keys to how Salem, MA launched an organic Food Farm to provide thousands of pounds of organically grown food to local families.

Case Studies

2021 Mid-Year Report

HBBF's progress so far in 2021 has helped move the needle on important issues like the Baby Food Safety Act, the FDA’s Closer to Zero plan, and so much more.

Case Studies

Bright Cities Case Study: Missoula, MT

The Missoula Parks & Recreation Department’s tips for using environmentally preferable turf management methods and transitioning to 100% chemical–free turf management.

Case Studies

Bright Cities Case Study: Columbia, SC

Planting trees, testing for lead, and ensuring access to organic produce: three ways Columbia’s Sustainability Strategy helps protect babies’ brain development.