Our Programs

Bright Cities

works with local nonprofit groups and city governments to adopt customized policies and programs that help protect residents by reducing their exposures to neurotoxic chemicals. Since its inception in 2016, the Bright Cities of Dearborn, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City and Seattle have begun work on limiting pesticide use, increasing lead abatement, tackling vehicle and woodstove contributions to air pollution, purchasing fewer chemical-laden products and eliminating smoking in multifamily housing. In 2018, Anchorage, Columbia and Missoula joined the program. These new Bright Cities will soon complete assessments and begin their own initiatives to reduce exposures. 

Bright Choices 

collaborates with partner organizations to manage and support strategic campaigns that result in measurable protections from exposures to neurotoxic chemicals. Bright Choices’ cornerstone campaign is systematically eliminating the unnecessary use of toxic flame retardants in furniture, children’s products and electronics. In addition, Bright Choices co-leads a campaign to reduce exposures to phthalates in dairy products. 

Science Into Action

helps groups power up their work to protect children from neurotoxic chemicals. We equip parents and partner organizations with original online action tools, sharable original research and change-inspiring science. Science into Action is tackling the tragedy of lead poisoning and helping companies find solutions to get harmful pollutants and additives like arsenic and phthalates out of their products.


spearheads quantitative message testing to enable powerful, common messaging, teaming with HBBF alliance partners in study design. Communications also provides hands-on communication support and strategy expertise for partner initiatives that align with HBBF priorities. That takes many forms, from providing big picture strategic guidance to creating social media toolkits to developing customized messaging and lists of digital influencers and media outlets who can help make campaigns successful.