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Choose safer baby foods for a healthy start in life

Get Get simple tips to reduce your baby’s exposure to toxic chemicals like lead and arsenic in popular baby foods.

Tips: 5 Baby Foods with Arsenic and Lead – and Safer Choices (ENGLISH)

5 Comidas con Arsénico y Plomo Para Bebés; y Alternativas Más Seguras (SPANISH)

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Choose Safe Products for Parents, Babies and Pregnancy

Find the best products for pregnancy and parenthood, free of the toxic chemicals that can harm your baby.

Safe Product Guide

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Test for Lead

Every child is exposed to toxic lead, and half-a-million children have levels in their bodies that need immediate action. Most families have lead in their drinking water, paint or house dust. Many find it in dishware, toys and spices. A simple test for lead in your water and home will help you learn if you have a problem. You’ll get customized action steps to protect your family.

Lead in Water Test Kit

VIDA: Lead in Homes Test Kit

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Help Fight Against Toxic Phthalates in Food

You are exposed every day to toxic chemicals called phthalates (THAL-eights) that soften plastics, stabilize fragrance and contaminate food packaging. For most people, food is the top source of exposure, especially fatty foods like cheese.

Learn which foods have the most toxic phthalates:

Help us tell Kraft to get the phthalates out of their foods: Sign the Petition

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Garden the Healthy Way

In some towns, over half of all vegetable and herb gardens have high soil lead levels that can be unsafe for gardeners and families who eat the produce. Get our simple tips for a lead-safe garden.

Guide: Healthy Gardens for Homes & Communities

Toxic-Free Tips from Our Partners

How to Stay Safe from Toxic Flame Retardants (FRs)

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In Furniture

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Toxic-free Car Seat Recommendations

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