A Parent's Guide to Toxic-Free Baby Products

August 24, 2016
Man and baby

Parents should not have to be detectives to find out whether there are harmful flame retardant chemicals in their children’s products. But getting a clear answer from companies is not always easy. To make your purchasing choices a little easier, Center for Environmental Health (CEH) surveyed and rated major children’s product manufacturers based on their use of harmful flame retardant chemicals in their products.

Take a look at this important buying guide here: http://www.ceh.org/frguide

In the meantime, here are some helpful tips from CEH:

  • Avoid baby products made with polyurethane foam and instead, seek out products made with cotton, wool, natural fibers, or polyester.
  • Avoid products that have a label that states “this product meets the flammability requirements of Technical Bulletin 117” as these are older products likely to contain harmful flame retardant chemicals.
  • Reduce exposure to these chemicals by washing your hands on your baby’s hands frequently and keeping house dust levels low.  

Judy Levin, MSW Pollution Prevention Director
Center for Environmental Health  

A note to parents from Healthy Babies Bright Futures: You can also check out HBBF’s Safe Product Finder for simple steps to protect you and your family from a host of harmful chemicals like flame retardants that are found in everyday products.