Striking for Babies’ Brains

September 20, 2019
Striking for babies’ brains

Melting glaciers. Stranded polar bears. New diseases from ticks and mosquitoes. More serious and widespread flooding. There are so many reasons to support the Climate Strike. Here’s one more; the damage that fossil fuels are doing to the developing brain, both before and after birth.

The air pollution caused by the burning of coal, oil and natural gas causes ¾ of all toxic air emissions according to the US Department of Energy. For decades scientists have linked the small particles in these emissions to lung and heart disease. Over the  last 10 years, a  new body of research has shown how air pollution can also lead to development delays, reduced IQ, cognitive deficits and autism spectrum disorder.  Since toxic air emissions are often higher  in low income communities of color, the neurological impact of air pollution is also an important example of climate and environmental health injustice.   You can read more about the Link Between Fossil Fuels and Neurological Harm at

To solve the problems caused by climate change, we will need all the brain power we can get. So Healthy Babies Bright Futures encourages you to join the Climate Strike to support the young people who are leading this effort and to protect babies’ brains and everything and everybody else that needs protecting.