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Air Pollution & Heat Are Hurting Babies — Especially Black Babies

July 1, 2020
Last week, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a systemic review of recent studies on the link between the environmental problems of air pollution and extreme heat and the health problems of babies. The risk of harm is worst for black pregnant women, as well as for pregnant women with asthma.
Child playing at a daycare center.

Protecting Babies’ Brains at Municipal Child Care Facilities

April 16, 2020
Child care providers provide critical connective tissue for families and communities. While supporting immediate needs to address COVID-19, let's also embrace longer-term thinking to create a less toxic future with practical tips from the Children's Environmental Health Network.

What Do We Do in a Pandemic?

March 19, 2020
What do we do in a pandemic? How do we keep our families safe and sane? Find more ideas to add to the important advice from WHO, CDC and other health professionals.
Two people holding a baby and a bucket of toxic-free supplies at SDEV event in Dearborn Michigan

How City Governments can Partner for Success

February 25, 2020
"Dearborn applauds Southwest Detroit Environmental Vision’s work to help residents learn about and reduce exposure to toxic chemicals that harm babies’ brains,” said David Norwood, Director of Sustainability in Dearborn, Michigan.
Meet Bright City Jackson, Mississippi

Meet Bright City Jackson, Mississippi

October 8, 2019
Jackson sits on the west bank of the Pearl River, and is replete with magnolias, wisterias and delectable Southern cuisine. Walking downtown affords a view of Mississippi’s “new” Capital building (circa 1903).